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WE revitalize your brand

Marketing presence is all around us,whether we are aware of it or not. The key to your company's survival relies on wise marketing agency.

It is no exaggeration to say that an effective marketing is your passport to myriad opportunities. Thanks to the rapid advances of internet, the world can be your oyster with an effective marketing plan as people can instantly and easily access information about your company anytime anywhere.

This is a solid reason why you need to count on a trustworthy marketing agency. Incusign is your comprehensive marketing agency that specializes in strategic planning, design and branding, event food management, creative production, advertising and promotion. We strive to unleash great ideas that revitalize your brand. Because we believe our success depends on yours.


Mission: To assist small and medium enterprises in discovering the value proposition and establish a systematic marketing plan

Vision: To become the industry benchmark and most preferred learning platform in Malaysia

Core Values:

1. Promise

We are men of our words and deliver whatever we promise


We are accountable for result and ensuring things happen by all means


Take the lead and set foot in new areas


Look up to ourselves and giving without expectation of return


Stay true to ourselves and be consistent in behaviour



Administrative Manager: Irene Lim

Project Manager: Roo Tye

Marketing Manager: Travis Lim

Art Director: Jerome Liew

Senior Designer: Chan See Min

Junior Designer: Han Pei Yee

Chief Producer: John Lee

Advertising and Promotion Officer: Evanice Lee

Social Media Specialist : Cloe Lim

Copywriter: Lim Yee Chian